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Lieke Dols is a trend & innovation agency specialized in future insights and strategy development. With a network of creative and independent minds, we advice brands, organizations and collectives in forward thinking strategies. From todays’ perspective, we focus on the consumer and context of tomorrow to create game-changing brands, strategies, products and services.

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The world is seeing rapid change. Transforming from rigid to liquid, from controlled to sensitive. We believe that humanity and creativity are the key to create a healthier and socially responsible future. Understanding what makes people move is the starting point to develop stronger products and services, more meaningful brands and more engaging experiences.
This creative world is our playground to help you grow.


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Let’s explore the future to create a better tomorrow. Lieke Dols offers a wide range of Trend Talks about changing consumer mindsets and their impact on society, business, brands or specific sectors. Want to discover what these shifts mean for your business? View the full program.


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Phone: +31 6 16 30 01 86
Office: 5A Sint Jorisstraat, 's-Hertogenbosch, 5211 HA, the Netherlands

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