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Lieke Dols is specialized in developing forward thinking strategies. With a wide range of tools, we can focus on each client and challenge individually. Translating relevant trends and consumer insights into strategy, positioning, branding and a creative inline experience. Below a quick overview of our services, methods and tools



To help you understand the contemporary society, we research global and sociocultural trends in specific sectors or businesses. With qualitative and quantitative tools we discover consumer insights for the context of tomorrow. Starting today to get tomorrow right. Discover the future with:

trend report sector specific
interactive trend talk

trend research training
trend tour / boost session


New generations have new voices. Find out who's your future audience. Who’s GEN Z? And what differs Millennials from GEN X? Get to know your target group by figuring out their mindset, what make’s them move and what makes their heart beat faster. Let’s talk with them, work with them and embrace them.

generation mindset report/talk
target group research
focus groups/interviewing
co-creation session with target group


Creating transformational growth for your business. Using a wide range of innovation tools to translate trends and consumer insights into change. Let's co-create with experts and your future audience to develop concepts, services and products. Some tools to help you to get in a creative mood:

customer journey & persona
concept creation session
service design workshop
innovation tools


Creating a strong brand identity, concept, brand or experience. Translating this into graphic design, copy, online presences, event spaces, work environment, retail experience, wherever you want to be. We work together with bright designers, stylists, photographers and pr content developers to make sure you show off at your best.

brand identity & story
concept development
visual performance
event, retail, workplace experience

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