Next level retail


Modern speed of life is challenging. Our minds are overloaded and we outbrave our physical performances more often.

We all know retail is blending with different fields like work and hospitality lately. Some stores taking this intermix to its next level. As an answer to the growing consumer interest in a balanced lifestyle, retailers are adapting sleep and wellness routines in their stores. A new way of offering luxury: a place to relax, recharge and reconnect.


Mattress retailer Casper adds the missing link in our high-speed-lifes: sleep. With The Dreamery, Casper invites city dwellers to make nap time as important as their other daily health routines. The Dreamery is located at the back of the store which you will enter through a starlit corridor with soft lights. Arriving in the unwinding dreamscape, you can take a nap in one of the nine sleep pods. Completely provided with the best mattress, pillow and soft sheets from Casper. Designed for recharging and relaxation to escape the city by architecture firm Hollwich Kushner.

Casper takes his vision of better sleep to a higher state with this magical place in the buzz of New York City. “It’s less about displaying the product and more about experiencing the brand”, says Matthias Hollwich in Frame Magazine (2018).


Photos by Hollwich Kushner

You can book a nap session from a 45 time slot. They even offer complimentary beverages, pyjama’s and refreshments. To make the experience complete, you’ll get access to special sleep audio from Headspace when you bring your own headphone.

The Dreamery makes room for the much needed time to slow down. Inviting guest to their in-store events to talk about sleep and wellness, Casper acts as a initiator to pay attention to sleep deprivation in todays society and helps to improve our quality of life.

The future of retail is for those who dare to take a next step in being an experiential place. Do you dare to take your store into the future? I invite you to challenge yourself with a Retail Boost Session.

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