The Interplanetary Human


Recently, Imbue introduced a Space Pack. Altogether wit a Space Passport, ticket and luggage tag with destination ‘Moon’, this now sold-out package will prepare you for a trip to space. A Space Pack? Is this something we need? It seems that space travel is no longer just for science. The Globalization chapter continues to evolve and floating between the Earth and Galaxy is the next chapter. In this Trend Snack you discover that the sky is certainly not the limit.

Boundaries are shifting: online and offline are getting integrated, being male and female is less boxed, work and private life become more intertwined. We have more and more needs to experience life as a whole, without frames, without boxes or any sort of limits. This has an increasing effect on our living space. A home is no longer just within the four walls of a house, but the public space is playing an active part of our private life. Now that this trend is unfolding further, the boundaries of our living space are also being softened. Is space next in becoming a part of our daily existence? Are we evolving as human beings to species who are able to live outside the earth?


StartRocket is experimenting with how the largest existing display can be used: The Space. Our lives are turning around culture, experiences and events in which brands play a major role. Through a network of satellites, StartRocket founder Vlad Sitnikov wants to provide the space with branded content. A new medium in which media goes beyond what we would have ever imagined.  

This medium is not only interesting for entertainment or advertising. During disasters, when power or the telephone network shuts down, the sky is a perfect channel for the government or emergency services to ‘shoot’ information into the world. StartRocket is in the prototyping phase and expects to launch their first ‘display’ in 2020.

Elon Musk is taking the use of space to a bigger plan: interplanetary travel. He’s currently developing SpaceX, with which he can found a living colony on Mars. His mantra: man must become an interplanetary species as quickly as possible. In fact, we must flee the earth as far Musk is concerned, before most species on earth will be eradicated by an asteroid impact or natural disaster, which happens suddenly every 100 million years. According to planning, the first cargo space ships will land on Mars in 2024.

Do you want to start exploring the potentials of space living yourself? Next year, you can send your name to Mars with the NASA’s Mars Rover and stay up to date on their mission to explore the solar system as an expansion of places for humans (along with over 7 million others).

Interplanetary travel. A new human species. It rises a lot of questions. As human beings, will we really be able to live an extraterrestrial life? Can children be born on Mars? What do we eat in the solar system? And also, who owns the space? Do we need laws and regulations?


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Trend Snack is the changing zeitgeist in word and image by Lieke Dols Trend & Innovation Agency and Lisa Winters Illustratie & Grafisch Ontwerp