Leisure, a way to give back


Experiencing without the guilt – it’s as simple as said.

In a world where climate change is hot topic, more individuals are getting aware of their own footprint on earth. Having a great experience is something that used to be big and never enough - involving a lot of waste: materials, food, electricity, money and so one. A small group of people is realizing that joy can be something that doesn’t take from earth. Instead they’re looking for a way to give back to the planet while enjoying themselves. 

Even if this group of early adaptors is still small, the majority will be triggered by frontrunning businesses who are responding to this changing need with cool new concepts. Leisurely activities and recreation will be something to enjoy without harming others, animals and the planet. Activating a next chapter in sustainability, whereby this heavy and difficult topic will be more ‘light’, positive and approachable.

The future of leisure is not minimizing a negative footprint, it’s actively generating a positive impact that can be enjoyed to the utmost.

3 cool innovations in the spotlight. Enjoy the inspiration – it’s free of charge!

This new epicenter for urban mountain sports will officially open on the 4th of October 2019. Copenhagen wants to by carbon neutral by 2025, so new recreation plans need to breathe this vision. With a leading role in sustainable urban development, the CopenHill will be the place to be. 

CopenHill is a mountain of opportunities: hiking, training, climbing, snowboarding and skiing. But this local recreation area is something special, it’s on top of a waste-to-energy plant. Copenhagen shows that a sustainable city plan doesn’t have to be painfull at all. In this case relaxing on a resource-saving mountain of waste not only makes visitors happy, but also the environment.

Drents Big Vief
Drents Big Vief is a bycicle safari inspired by the Big Five from Africa. But now, the Dutchies don’t have to travel (read: getting on a plane – taxi – safari jeep) to Africa anymore to see special species.

 Hop on a bike to see the living cultural heritage from Drenthe, Hollands most Northern region. The Drents Big Vief are 5 agricultural animals (the 5 most common in the Netherlands: the sheep, the goat, the cow, the pig and the chicken), but then specifically breeds that occur in Drenthe. The safari is a 40 km daytrip where you’ll get to meet the rare Dutch land goat, a special grouse and the three other animals from the Drents Big Vief.

 Designer Rosa Dietz makes aware that unique experience are around the corner which can be enjoyed with a minimal footprint – and are free if just look around.

A bit more futuristic – but the future of sustainable leisure is getting created by these pioneers. We’re traveling to 2021, when the world’s first energy positive hotel will be opened in Norway, Just above the Arctic Circle, this ring-shaped hotel will be nestled at the base of Norway's Almlifjellet mountain.

Not only does this new hotel reduces its yearly energy consumption by approximately 85% compared to a modern hotel, but it also produces its own energy - an absolute “must” in this precious arctic environment. The hotel will also become the world’s northernmost Powerhouse building. 

The Svart Hotel has been designed alongside tourism company Arctic Adventure of Norway, engineering and architecture consultants Asplan Vaak, and construction group Skanska. Together with Snøhetta they form a collaborative group called Powerhouse, which build energy-producing buildings they call "plus-houses" (Dezeen)

Leisure and recreation are in the starting blocks of a new chapter. Curious about the effect of this on your business? Request a free Trend Advice Meeting by sending an email to info@liekedols.com.

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