The need for space


The enormous worldwide urbanization movement quests the way we live in cities. We need to use our space more efficiently, flexible and 24/7. A new generation of urban inhabitants are looking for non-traditional ways te live, work and play.

Interdisciplinary designer Simone Smelt experimented with our need for space. With ‘Speculum’, she creates the illusion of space. These soft-tone mirrors play with light and dimension, creating a tunnel of light that triggers the imagination.


Fransje Gimbrere is experimenting with perception too. With her collection of ‘Standing Textiles’, she created a serie of textile sculptures that give direction to the interior without diminishing the sense of space.These beautiful see-through structures can take any size or shape with a constant change of pattern.

It seems like brands are not going fully digital. Tactile and physical experience with an online extension, or the other way around, are used to balance between convenience and humanity. What do you offer as a brand to build a community for your customers?


What if designers can create the feeling of space even in the smallest houses? Maybe this spatial feeling of space fulfill our inner need for wideness in the crowded city. Besides the beautiful design of these objects, this can be a new way of looking at the design and architectural challenges for homes in our fast-growing cities?

CityLieke Dols