Brands as Life Guides


We’re creating a world where age doesn’t matter. More and more diverse lifestyles are on stage and there are endless possibilities to create an identity. It’s all about being the best version of yourself. And Dear Brands, we need your help in achieving personal goals.

At James Hotel, new services are offered for physical, metal, spiritual and emotional wellbeing. The Four Bodies Wellness program – a series of in-room services curated exclusively for guests in partnership with lifestyle guru Ruby Warrington of The Numinous. The James Hotels, Ruby Warrington and other specialists offer guests a program from in-room tarot or reiki readings to on-demand Kundalini Yoga exercises specifically designed to cure jet lag and clear stress. James Hotel offers a unique and personal experience that makes you feel in top shape wherever you are. The Hotel distinguishes from the big amount of other (mostly glamorous) hotels in the neighborhood.


With the ageless mentality in mind, personal growth and development is on top of the consumers’ agenda. That’s why brands need to do so. Brands are not selected just by the coolest items anymore, consumers will look at them to teach them life lessons, improve their skills, be healthier and happier. If it is due to meditative Spotify playlists, a healthy lifestyle bible, individual or communal challenges, brands need to offer more and more to let the consumer stick around.

Nike inspires you to find your inner athlete. Their latest campaign Choose Go excites to don’t get stuck but Choose Go, even if the world stops turning. With the  Nike+ Run Club application, you can run with the bests. The Audio Guided Runs bring focus to your mind and body together with Headspace. Personalized coaching challenges you reach your goals, let you track your progress and results. For extra motivation, they offer the Nike+ Run Club playlist and you can train with likeminded runners from all over the world with an online community.

Consumers are searching brands to identify their lifestyle with and guide them through life. Are brands the new religious bibles that helps you to find your inner self?

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