Green Cities


The world is becoming increasingly urban. The impact of urbanization on society is big, giving cities challenges in terms of livability: a healthy environment, mobility, housing, safety.  

I just visited Singapore. I’m highly impressed by the strong and future-minded vision of the city: building a city in a garden.

You surround yourself with the green lush in between enormous skyscrapers. Not just concentrated around Gardens by the Bay, but in the whole wide city! A rare combination for futuristic cities.

It reflects how the future of urban living is now. Today you can start to create a healthier urban structure. Taking little steps, collaborate with public and private parties and keep the human touch alive. Bringing back nature into urban environments isn’t only a way of dealing with climate change, it also contributes to a healthier living environment and is a feast for the eye!

Let’s get green!

All photographs by me