The Explorer in you


- trend article for IXXI -

Expert speaks: Trend researcher Lieke Dols
Do you sometimes imagine yourself relaxing on a paradise island? Do you daydream about breath-taking beauty spots? Trend researcher Lieke Dols explains why we like to make our homes feel like dream destinations.


Fun and joy
Discovering life, drinking it all in and experiencing a sense of wonder: It's something that increasingly moves us, these days. We're explorers in a world that's more connected than ever before. Cultures meld together, and we mix and match rituals and traditions as we realise how much we value both our diversity and our personal identity.

But we feel the impacts of the huge changes that are happening in the world. Our lives are fast-paced, and we've all become experts in cramming our diaries with events and appointments and running around between them. Reports about terrorism, political unrest and climate change dominate the news and reach us on all of our digital devices. Our greatest challenge is to just be still now and then. In such hectic times, we could all use some positivity, joy and fun.


Explore the world
Today, we are more able than ever before to travel around the entire world, to discover the most breath-taking places our planet has to offer us. We want to feel that sense wonder in our homes too, a trend that comes from a need to experience special places, meet new people and enjoy the beauty of nature.

We can't always be on holiday, so instead, we bring the feeling of travel and exploration into our own homes. We turn them into dream destinations, places where we can escape from the hectic world outside and take in new experiences. Perfect places in which to create our own rituals, with an eclectic mix of styles and cultures and a palette of vibrant colours.

Let your dreams run wild, paradise awaits
Travel and exploration stimulate our imaginations. They broaden our horizons and provide a boost of inspiration and creativity. In our homes, we create urban jungles and magical botanical gardens that allow us to daydream. We leave behind the stresses and stimuli of the world outside and head straight into the forest.

The Explorer style is not sleek or perfectly neat. It's a combination of vintage finds and new artworks that have stories to tell. The Explorer style gives a room an extra layer that evokes emotions. In short: it's your own cosy paradise where you can relax and recover from a high-speed life.

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Guest articleLieke Dols